Training, Trade Test & Recruitment Services


We provide Industrial training, which includes fabrication trade, safety , simulator base training for Welder & Paint applicator. We are expert in customize onsite training and turnkey training centre management solution.

Trade Test

Trade test and skill validation is important aspect for assessment of individual skill. We conduct trade test for The trade like welding and painting which has provision for specific standards and codes to qualify skilled person for respective trades. Trade test for other vocational trades can be done on pre decided matrix jointly derived taking client in confidence. Our simulator based trade test and skill assessment has gain popularity in resent time, it provide unbiased and accurate platform for skill assessment. We can provide trade test facility in our centre or at site.

Recruitment Services

We are specialised in engineering project based requirement, We have a dedicated research team that analyses the market to identify the most suitable talent for your organisation. We study the market operations and requirement of the industries in various sectors, we organize the screening tests of the candidates to know their potential under the supervision of highly qualified professional. We also offer our recruitment services on temp placement and outsourcing format to meet short term project requirements.