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About Company

Located in India, Aavishkar Group is a seasoned member of the welding industry, specialising in providing end-to-end solutions for fabrication technology. Our main objective is to provide support to our clients for improvement in fabrication quality with productivity. We broadly operate and tend to our customers using two verticals: PRODUCT SUPPLY and TECHNICAL SERVICES.

The seed for the company was sowed in 1992. With over 30 years of consistent effort, we have reaped the fruit of experience and are proud to be associated with numerous renowned suppliers globally, across various product and service categories offered by us. With strong industry and customer connections, we assure to provide seamless services and viable solutions for your industrial requirements.

In the domain of product supply, we specialize in process automation and standard product support for Welding, Cutting, Drilling and Beveling. Some of our key suppliers include – Panasonic, Aotai, Promotech, Koike, BDS, Skillveri, Haridas, Hafi, Abicor Binzel, Amin Machinery Pvt.Ltd, TAG, Artech, Kuang Tai, Klinweld, amongst various others.

Over the years, we have catered to numerous industrial segments including – Training institutes, Oil and Gas, Offshore, Refinery and Petrochemical industries, Energy and power generation, Pharma, Beverages, Milk and Food processing plants and Machinery manufacturing, Pre-engineering building, Heavy structural steel fabrication, Material handling, Automobiles, Boiler, Pressure vessel and Heat exchanger, Transportation and Aerospace.
We have a strong team of skilled application engineers who interact with the clients and support them right from the initial stage of the selection of resources up to the final stage of implementation. An external team of highly competent service engineers who are trained by our suppliers from our after-sales service team ensure that the customer is always assisted with any maintenance-related support for the smooth functioning of the system.
In the sphere of Technical services, our focus lies primarily on providing quality management services related to Fabrication, mainly Welding and all our services are designed to improve the quality of fabrication activities which are associated with the construction of steel structures. The services furnished by us in this domain include – Training, Consultancy, Inspection, Testing and Outsourcing of technical manpower.
Our consultancy model encapsulates the development of welding procedures, the qualification of welders and assisting clients with certification requirements. We take pride in developing the perfect procedure code standard, all abiding by the national and international code standards which include a large variety of materials and have served a large pool of clients. Over the past several decades, we have developed and qualified thousands of such procedures and have successfully qualified a large number of welders as well. We are actively involved in the calibration of welding machines, electrodes and flux drying ovens. We have assisted many reputed OEMs in their vendor’s quality management support and have helped them in seeking shop and product approval.

Our training modules are specially curated to support and upskill technical manpower by providing clients with job training for skill development in welding and painting-related techniques. Additionally, we also provide Non-destructive testing (NDT) training and certification. In the avant-garde of automation, we have swiftly incorporated technology in our training by using simulators and designing composite training programmes to ascertain the efficient inculcation of technology in our industry and ensure skill development in the most scientific way. Over the span of the past several years, we have helped various clients successfully set up-skill training centres on a turnkey basis.

We specialize in heavy structural steel fabrication and erection quality management. We ensure the workmanship of the steel structure, right from the shop drawing to execution. We provide support to our clients in getting the best quality through our continuous monitoring system followed by stage-wise inspection and NDT activity associated with the project. We are elated to be associated with all the leading structural consultants and project management consultants, who avail of our services in maintaining the quality of their structural steel projects. Possessing in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the field has helped us to partner with many leading PWCs for numerous projects. When placed under a critic’s lens, our client credentials speak for themselves.

In the outsourcing sector, we deploy technical manpower for construction projects on a short-term basis. We foster the strengthening of the existing team by adding additional skilled engineers from our end for the specific project and aid in case-specific recruitment.