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We impart Industrial training which includes Fabrication trade, Safety, and Simulator based training for Welder & Paint applicators. We specialize in customizing onsite training and turnkey training centre management solutions.

Trade tests and skill validation is an important aspects of the assessment of individual skills. We conduct trade tests for trades like Welding and Painting which have the provision of ensuring the adherence to specific standards and codes in order to qualify a person for their respective trade. Trade tests for other vocational trades can be done on a pre-decided matrix jointly curated by the client and our team, pertaining to the requirements. In recent times, our simulator-based trade test and skill assessment have gained immense popularity. It provides an unbiased and accurate platform for skill assessment. We can easily provide a trade test facility in our centre or at the site.

Our training service category includes : 

  • Automation & simulation-based training
  • Welding inspection & NDT training
  • Fabrication & other industrial trade training
  • Customized onsite training 
  • Training centre management 
  • Trade test

Training Services

Course at a glance –

  1. Training the trainer – certified programme for welding & painting simulator trainer 
  2. Composite welder training (simulator training + actual welding training) 
  3. Composite paint applicator training (simulator training + actual paint application training) 
  4. Welding operator training on welding robot 
  5. Robotic welding – maintenance 
  6. Welding & Cutting automation for working engineers 
  7. CNC cutting machine operation 
  8. Beveling & orbital welding system operation training

On Site Welding Training Simulator Support by Technology Partner : Skillveri

Course at a glance –

  1. Foundation course for welding engineer
  2. Foundation course for inspection engineer 
  3. Overview of NDT for engineers
  4. NDT level II (VT, PT, MT, UT & RT) 
  5. Orbital welding & boroscopy inspection training
  6. Welding Inspector Course 
  7. Surface Preparation & Painting Inspector Course
  8. Overview of welding procedure & performance qualification
  9. Understanding of codes & standards


Course at a glance – Arc welding & brazing

  1. Welder basic to plate 1G, 1F & 2F (SMAW) 
  2. All position plate welder upto 4G & 4F (SMAW / GMAW / GTAW) 
  3. All position pipe welder upto 6G / 6GR (SMAW / GMAW / FCAW / GTAW) 
  4. Welding operator for SAW (Welding, Overlay & Cladding Application)
  5. Ceramic Weld Backing using SMAW / FCAW
  6. GTAW welding using fiberglass backup tape 
  7. Welding on SPM (welding carriage, oscillator, weld seamers) 
  8. Pulse MIG / TIG welding 
  9. Complex metal welding (GTAW / GMAW–P) 
  10. Flame brazing, MIG Brazing 
  11. Training on welding simulators 
  12. Brazing technique correction and process advancement training

Courses at a glance – Resistance welding 

  1. Spot welding 
  2. Seam Welding 
  3. Projection Welding 
  4. Stud Welding

Courses at a glance – Fabrication 

  1. Safety in welding & cutting operation 
  2. HSE – training 
  3. Pipe fabricator 
  4. Structural fabricator 
  5. Shipwright Marker 
  6. Flame cutting – Hand held 
  7. Flame cutting – Mechanised 
  8. Plasma Cutting – Hand held 
  9. Plasma Cutting – Mechanised 
  10. Grinding & Plate / Pipe Beveling

Approach : 

  1. Training need assessment by doing gap analysis
  2. Propose training module to client 
  3. Get approval on proposed training module 
  4. Prepare detail day-wise syllabus for training 
  5. Make a detailed report on training recourses requirement 
  6. If required provide consultancy and support for recourse and vendor coordination to set up training centers. 
  7. Mobilize required expertise including trainers at site 
  8. Execute the training as per approved plan 
  9. Make a knowledge & skill evaluation matrix based on client project requirement 
  10. Test and evaluate the participant based on decided matrix for both the criteria (quality, productivity & repeatability) 
  11. Document the results and training records 
  12. End to end assistance on the job 
  13. Periodic review of progress

Our prime motive for training center management is to provide end to end support and a well curated training plan for the trainee on site. We offer our expertise and ensure seamless execution of the trainees and create a solid foundation before the execution of the center. Our team adheres to all the protocols and guidelines involved in the training process as per industry standards.

Trade test is an important aspect for assessing competency of trainees and effectiveness of training delivered. Many standards & codes are available for fair assessment of trade skills. We specialize in conducting trade tests as per applicable standards and codes. Customized skill assessment matrix is another tool for trade skill assessment. Our domain experts work jointly with the client to make a customized assessment criteria and then conduct a trade test based on the assessment matrix. All aspects of our modern life as we know it, cannot function efficiently without a digital presence and utility of such resources. We are proud to provide simulator based trade tests as well, for welding & painting applicators.

Our Customized On Site Training Module Includes

  • Shipbuilding & Offshore industry
  • Refinery & Petrochemical industry
  • Crane and Material handling equipment 
  • Pressure Vessel and Process equipment
  • Automobile and Transportation Industry
  • Technical Structures and Structural Steel Projects
  • Cluster Development

Our Training Facility Center

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