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Technical Consultancy & Certification

Under technical consultancy, we broadly cover three aspects – Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification, Shop Approval and Certification and Calibration. 

Welding procedure & performance Qualification includes consultancy for welding & cutting process automation and establishing WPS, PQR & WPQ as per various international and national standards & codes. This broadly covers all arc welding, resistance welding, stud welding, brazing & other special welding processes. It includes review, witness & preparation of documents for, Welding Procedure & Performance Qualification (WPS, PQR & WPQ) as per – ASME, AWS, DIN / EN / ISO, AS / NZ, IS, or any other specified qualification standards & codes and Welding Operator qualification. 

Shop Approval and Certification includes implementation of Quality Management System as per ISO / ASME or equivalent code guidelines and shop approval of vendors on OEM guidelines. Typical Certifications offered are ISO – 3834, Welding Quality ISO – 15085, Railway vehicles and components ISO – 1090, CE Marking ASME Stamps, pressure vessels & heat exchangers.

The scope of Welding Machine Calibration involves calibration of different types of welding Machines & Flux / Electrode Drying Oven – Inverter, Thyristor, Diode Based rectifier welding machines, Transformer welding Machines and Stationary & Portable ovens. On-site calibration is performed based on international/national standards calibration procedure with complete traceability. 

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