About ARC

Arc welding is one of several fusion processes for joining metals. It uses an electric arc to create intense heat to melt and join metals. A power source generates an electric arc between a consumable electrode and base metal. Arc welders can use either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). The most common and simplest form of welding is arc welding. So, it is found in use across all industry sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, power, construction, and many more.

We have been involved in the supply of ARC machines for numerous years. We are also the authorized West India Distributor for ARC welding machines for Panasonic and Aotai. Kindly browse through the catalogue of the listed products and submit a request for the proposal of your desired equipment. Our team will surely get back to you with the same.

Aotoi ARC 200
Dura ARC 200
ARC 400
Pananonic YD 400AT3 - DJR,DJE,DJG
400 ET3 DJR
SS 400 & 630