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About Manipulators

A welding manipulator improves work productivity, provides more flexibility and lessens fatigue for your welders, all while ensuring consistent quality of your welding operations. Welding manipulators work exactly like a skilled extra hand on your shop and allow repetitive, quality operations without needing as much manpower. Most welding manipulators can handle heavy weights. With its adjustable features and safety straps, you can safely move the weld head closer or more distant to the workpiece, which allows you to weld away from the heat zone. It also comes with safety bumpers to assure the gun, the boom and the manipulator itself stay secured during the welding process. 

We offer the following category of products under this segment

  • Column & Boom – Manipulator
  • Positioner
  • Turntable
  • Rotators
  • Special Job handling systems

Kindly browse through the catalogue of the listed products and submit a request for the proposal of your desired equipment. Our team will surely get back to you with the same.